About Us

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Sarens Wind Service boasts a strategic collaboration with Sarens, the global leader and reference in crane rental, heavy lifting, and engineered transport.

Our mission is to provide top-tier services for wind farm projects around the world, employing cutting-edge equipment and advanced engineering to deliver bespoke solutions for turbine servicing and installation challenges.

Our team is comprised of trained and experienced specialists with a global perspective and commitment to deliver end-to-end solutions for wind farm projects around the world.

What we offer:

  • Providing highly skilled personnel for complex onshore and offshore wind projects
  • Technicians trained for the unique demands of the wind energy sector
  • Engineers and support staff equipped with the latest knowledge and best practices
  • Rapid mobilisation of teams to meet project timelines
  • Global reach with local expertise for tailored installation support
  • Continuous training programs to stay ahead in a dynamic industry
  • Emphasis on safety, quality, and efficiency in all manpower deployments
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Empowering the international support of Sarens, our Sarens Wind Service team is proud to be offering services to client and key contacts, supplying them with the collective expertise and experiences of nearly a century of Sarens know-how in over 65 countries worldwide. With state of the art equipment and value engineering, Sarens Wind Service has access to one of the largest crane and specialised equipment fleet in the world to serve clients. As such, our pledge it to provide a full suite of services for wind farms, encompassing every phase from planning to execution with proficiency and care.