Gearbox Service

When modern, large turbines are damaged, dismantling the main components leads to a time-consuming and costly deployment of cranes and personnel. For this reason, repairs of wind turbines are becoming increasingly important. By expanding our repair skills and capabilities, we can plan and carry out a range of repairs for you without incurring the logistical costs associated with using a crane, and we can do this without the need to involve authorities or external suppliers.

Wind Turbine Gearbox Servicing

With the aim of providing the highest quality services at Sarens Wind Service, we have created a specialized department dealing with the repair and servicing of wind turbine gearboxes. Our experienced team is trained and equipped with the necessary tools, skills, and all other resources necessary to effectively perform tasks both on land and at sea.

Our Scope

Gearbox Replacement: Our services include comprehensive gearbox replacement, ensuring the efficiency and reliability of the wind turbine.

Regeneration: We provide regeneration services, restoring gearboxes to full functionality and performance.

Endoscopy: We use endoscopy to accurately assess the condition of the interior of gearboxes, allowing precise diagnostics and service action planning.

Reverse Engineering: We employ reverse engineering to accurately analyze and recreate complex components, enabling effective repairs.

Supplying Spare Parts: We offer access to high-quality spare parts, ensuring quick and efficient replacement or repair of damaged elements.

Preventive Service: Our approach also includes preventive service, preventing potential failures through regular inspections and maintenance.

Vibration Measurements: We perform vibration measurements, allowing us to monitor the technical condition of the gearboxes, identify potential problems, and take appropriate remedial measures.

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