Wind Turbine Audits

We are ready to conduct a comprehensive and independent technical audit of wind turbines, providing reliable information about the condition of the equipment.

Audit Services Include:

Gearbox Inspection:
Detailed inspection of gearboxes, identification of potential faults, and evaluation of operational efficiency.

Oil and Lubricant Analysis:
Examination of the condition of oils and lubricants to assess wear levels and identify any potential issues.

Blade Inspection:
Precise inspection of blades, including assessment of condition, damage, and potential impact on turbine performance.

Thermal Imaging Inspection:
Use of thermal imaging to identify areas of increased temperature, which may indicate potential problems.

Hoist and Winch Review:
Analysis of hoist and winch systems, including assessment of their efficiency and potential service needs.

Power Curve Analysis:
Examination of the power curve to assess performance and energy efficiency of the turbine.

Medium Voltage Switchgear Review:
Inspection of medium voltage switchgear, assessment of condition, and potential safety hazards.

Post-Warranty Manufacturer Review:
Providing a full analysis after the end of the warranty period, considering any service needs.

Our audits are conducted with the aim of providing complete knowledge about the technical condition of wind turbines. We are committed to delivering objective and reliable information so that our clients can manage their energy resources knowledgeably. Thanks to our experience and highly qualified inspection engineers, we are ready to meet the highest industry standards in wind turbine audits.

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